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Blood Care Foundation Terms
Terms & Conditions

BCF Travel Club Membership Agreement Conditions

1.1 All decisions of a medical nature will be taken by the doctor appointed by The Blood Care Foundation in consultation with the doctor treating the member and, where possible, with the member’s usual doctor.


2.1 “Blood” as used in this Agreement means red cells.

2.2 “BCF” as used in this Agreement means “The Blood Care Foundation”, a charity registered and subject to the laws of England and Wales.

2.3 “Emergency” as used in this Agreement means any medical emergency of such seriousness as would normally warrant the evacuation of the member from the location in which the emergency was first manifested either by illness or accident, the evaluation of such need to take into consideration the severity of the illness/accident and the degree of safety of blood supplies and equipment in the location where the member is hospitalised.


3.1 The purpose of the Blood Care Programme is to ensure the availability to its members of screened blood, in emergency situations anywhere in the world where such supplies are not readily available.

3.2 Subject to confirmation by the treating doctor and the alarm centre doctor, BCF undertakes to ensure delivery of the blood required by the member in an emergency situation to the nearest airstrip used by scheduled carriers.


4.1 The Blood Care Programme is designed to cover emergency situations only. It is not designed to meet the needs of elective surgery or chronic blood disorder and no coverage is afforded herein for such conditions.

4.2 BCF will not normally provide blood under its Blood Care Programme if the requirement arose as a result of:

4.2.1 Elective surgery

4.2.2 Having a history of chronic blood disorders such as thalassaemia major or inherited coagulopathies such as haemophilia and no coverage is afforded herein for such conditions, but the exclusion shall not apply if the need for blood results from any sudden and unforeseeable event not otherwise excluded which may befall the member and over which he/she has no control.

4.2.3 War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not) civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power. However, in the event a member involuntarily becomes involved in situations described in this exclusion and as a result requires blood for an emergency transfusion, then BCF agrees to use its best efforts to obtain at the request the member or his/her

representative, blood and the equipment needed; the costs of materials and transportation to be the responsibility of the member.

4.2.4 Nuclear reaction or radiation either directly or indirectly.

4.2.5 Attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury.

4.2.6 Active service in the armed forces of any nation.

4.2.7 Engagement in hazardous pursuits.

4.2.8 Cases of pregnancy beyond the end of the twenty fourth week.

4.2.9 Travel undertaken against medical advice.

4.3 BCF will not supply Blood to members within their national country unless it is deemed that evacuation is necessary (whether such evacuation is made or not).


5.1 BCF will do its utmost to ensure that the selection, transportation and storage arrangements of the blood supplied to members is carried out to the highest possible standards. The member, for his/her part agrees to hold BCF and its appointed agents harmless if, for any reason beyond the control of BCF or its appointed agents, the blood supplied is not pure on arrival or fit for the purposes for which it was intended, or the quantity available is insufficient.

5.2 The member accepts that BCF is a provider of blood and agrees to hold BCF and its agents harmless for any loss or damage caused for any reason beyond the control of BCF or its appointed agents as a direct result of handling, transfusing or using the blood supplied by BCF.

5.3 In the event of an emergency, BCF will use all available means of communication and transportation in order to fulfil its obligations as specified under Section 3 above, but cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for breakdown, delay or absence of any of the necessary services beyond its control.


6.1 BCF shall subrogate up to the amount of services it has provided to the rights and causes of action of the member to any party for acts giving rise to injury or illness for which BCF has rendered services.

6.2 Should services provided by BCF be covered in whole or in part by an insurance policy, then BCF will be subrogated to rights and recourse of the member against the said company.


7.1 Membership of the Blood Care Programme through the BCF Travel Club is valid for the period as indicated on the individual’s card.

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